What To Note With Protein Skimmer Review?

It is obvious that using a high quality protein skimmer can increase the success rate of your aquarium.

After a time of using, the dissolved organic compounds are made up of excess food, fish waste, dead plants, and debris will be broken down, compromise the cleanliness of the water and impair the fish’s health.

If you are looking for protein skimmer reviews out there and trying to choose ones, this post is all you need to know about this device that can help you get the most suitable protein skimmer for your aquarium.

#1 The pump

The pump is absolutely the most important part of a protein skimmer. The best protein skimmers basically work by producing millions of tiny bubbles in a limited space.

The good pump will have the better needle wheel impellers, which produce smaller bubbles into microbubbles. The smaller bubbles are, the more waste is removed.

Ensure that you get the good quality pumps that run quieter and release less heat into the water.

#2 The shape of protein skimmers

There are many different shapes of protein skimmers available. You are recommended to choose the skimmer that is a smooth path from the body to the collection cup.

This design is better for the bubbles to rise up and overflows into the waste collection cup.

The shape of protein skimmer that works most effectively is Cone, Hybrid cone, Wine glass.

#3 The reaction chamber

The larger reaction chamber will produce more amounts of bubbles than the smaller ones. This will increase the contact time and improve the efficiency of the skimming process will be.

If you are using the larger size of the reaction chamber, it may remove up to 80% of all organic compounds from your aquarium.

#4 Protein Skimmer Brands

Not all brands that are producing protein skimmer will deliver the best products. If you are not tech-savvy, to avoid going the wrong way, it is better to choose the well-know brand.

Reliable brands also offer you good technical and warranty support. If there is any problem in setup process, you also receive the company support.

Why Do You Need Heat Mat For Leopard Geckos?

Leopard geckos are crepuscular; that means they will sleep through the day and shelter deeply underground to hind away from sunlight. They become more active when it is duck and down.

Leopard geckos absorb heat through their belly and they able to digest their food in this way. This is the reason why you should provide them the heat mat for leopard geckos.

Do leopard gecko need heat mat?

Unlike bearded dragons, leopard geckos do not bask under the direct sunlight and receive heat from the sun. This way they do not need the basking lamp in their cage, this lamp could easily burn your leopard geckos. However, your geckos also need a heat source and the place to go to get warmth.

Your leopard geckos simply need a heat mat reptile, which located on the bottom of the tank and allows them to receive heat on their underside and will last so much longer. A heat mat will help your leopard geckos digest their food. Without this heat mat for just one day, your gecko won able to digest food and get hard when they go to the potty.

How to set up heat mat for leopard geckos?

There are many different sizes of heat mats for leopard geckos, but it is better to choose the heat mat that covers roughly 1/3 the tank bottom. The heat mat will come with rubber feet.

Sticking these feet on the one side of the tank bottom. You will need to lift the tank a little to ensure the heat lamp does not touch the ground. This will prevent the heat pad to become overheat and causing damages for the tank wall.

When finished setting up of heat mat, place your substrate, décor inside. Turn the mat on to regular temperature. We recommend you to buy a thermostat to help you maintain proper temperature.

Buying Guide: Camping Heater

I visited a youth camp in the southern part of my country last September. The winter season was unfortunately almost over, as I thought. With my camping sleeping bag, I was sure everything would be fine with me. However, when it was dark, the next thing I knew, I got out of my hot bag and froze in my tent, as the temperature continued to drop like traces of winter madness.I went to my friend’s camp tent and there I was, embarrassed, I shared their heater and spent the whole night with them. Lesson learned: Sleeping bags are good, but camp heaters are better.

There are many camping heater available on the market today, as our constantly changing and modern technologies have made this possible. If you are lucky enough to camp on-site with electricity, you can bring your electric heater to your tent.

However, you should be responsible enough to keep an eye on your electric camping heater, because I bet the next thing you want to see is to see your tent on fire or be electrocuted. So, it is better not to leave it unattended; otherwise you will have big problems.

Gas catalytic camping heaters, on the other hand, are more desirable, especially if you are relaxing with children. This is safer compared to an electric heater, as it uses propane without an open flame, even large companies, cargo ships, and the military use this type of camp.

To ensure our safety at camp, it is necessary, remember that whenever we use our camp heater, there should always be a space for ventilation. We must leave the ventilation or window open to allow air and humidity to circulate. Our tent will be hotter if we get rid of the natural moisture that accumulates during the night.

In the end, everything comes down to extreme caution in any camp heater that we can choose from in the market. It is imperative that we can arrange a safe, not just for ourselves, but for everyone at the camp, as we want nothing more than to enjoy every moment in this camp with everyone.

All aspects of crested gecko cage

Being the owner of crested gecko definitely would be a fantastic experience, but this is also a challenge for you. Keeping crested geckos requires lots of research from you. And the first thing you need to buy is absolutely their cage, and then best reptile humidifiers, lighting system, heater or fogger.

In order to help you avoid overwhelming when finding out the correct cage for your crested gecko, this article is some essential information that you need to know.

What are the types of cages for crested geckos?

There are there types of cages that your geckos can use:

Acrylic or glass cage: In comparison with the other types of the cage, this is the most expensive cage but it is also common to keep reptile. This cage not only has a nice appearance but also highly durable.

Screen cage: This type of cage has the same size as acrylic and glass cage. However, there is the down point that you will need to misting and change the water in a bowl more frequently if you use this cage.

DIY enclosures: You can also make the cage for your crested geckos on your own. But you need to ensure that the material you use has to safe for your pet, enough ventilation, do not contain any sharp edges that can injure your crested geckos.

What is the proper size for crested geckos enclosures?

An adult crested gecko requires at least 20 gallons of the tank. The baby can live in the smaller tank about 10 gallons but we recommended that you should give them a big cage even when they are baby.

If you are planning to keep 2-3 crested geckos, so the tank for them should be 29 gallons. Moreover, your geckos prefer to live in a taller tank, where they have enough space to climb on since they are arboreal and active animals.

When you setup crested gecko cage, do not forget to add some accessories for them to jump in and climb on such as vines, driftwood, bamboo, branches, cork bark.

Furthermore, putting in the cage some plants, these plants can be real or fake but have to non-poisonous. Plants will make the cage more naturalistic and also provide a hiding place for your crested geckos.

Why do you need the best aquarium vacuum?

It is needless to say that, safety and healthy habitat made an important contribution to help prolong the fish life. That means you should keep your aquarium always clean and maintain. Investing in the best aquarium vacuum is the easiest and quick way to help you clean your fish tank.

Instead of traditional cleaning way, messy and laborious; the best aquarium vacuum cleaner will bring you a great experience of clean. If you have any stagger about buying a vacuum or not, read our article below.

What are aquarium vacuum cleaners use for?

One of the main benefits of an aquarium vacuum is that remove debris such as dirt, waster, die plant, uneaten meals in the tank. Cleaning substrate and giving back a safe and clean habitat for your fish and aquarium plants.

Besides, this method eliminates a large amount of ammonia and nitrate accumulation in the tank over time and get harm to your fish. This device also helps you maintain the right range of pH that is some fish only survive in there.

Not only that, but the tube of an aquarium vacuum also allows you to clean your gravel and siphon water out of the tank at the same time. It is the best aquarium water changer. That means you can more quickly drain water straight out of the aquarium by using a vacuum.

How to choose the right size of aquarium vacuum?

There are a lot of types and brands of best aquarium gravel vacuum that come in various sizes and designs. To choose the right size of the vacuum, first, you should determine the current size, the measurement, the amount of gallon that your fish tank contains.

Buying a small vacuum cleaner for a big tank that means the cleaning progress is slow and deficiencies. Meanwhile, a big vacuum cleaner use for a small fish tank can be dangerous for your fish.

What is the best bedding for ball python?

Unlike the other pets, take care of ball pythons are not an easy task. To make them feel comfortable, you have to set up a complete tank. Choosing the tank size to depend on your ball python’s age and length. And some other factor to make the best home for them.

If you are finding a proper place to live for your ball python, one of the most important factors that you should consider is the best bedding for ball python, also known as substrate.

There is a lot of different products to make bedding for ball pythons. Choosing the right product for them from many available opinions in the market and online store seems to be far from easy. This article will help you to choose the right one.

 #1 Aspen Shavings

Aspen shavings are one of the most common substrates that use for any breed and ball pythons as well. Base on its fluffy and lightweight texture, it made an ideal substrate for every snake owners.

The fluffy particles have a good ability of moist absorbent. It also makes urine, water and feces dry quickly. The down point is that it complained about its dusty.

#2 Coconut fiber

This substrate is not only eco-friendly bedding but also absorbent really well. It is known as easy to clean, no dusty, no smell, easy to bring home, no mold, and their ability to absorb liquid and odor. There is almost no weakness from this produce.

 #3 Newspaper bedding

If you are limit on money, this is the cheapest bedding that you can find. Almost all owners want to buy something economic and easy to clean at the same time. The newspaper is the best ball python substrate to buy for this purpose.

The down point is its absorbent ability is quite bad and it does not look good in the enclosure.

What to consider when choosing the best plastic glue?

When making furniture crafts or reinforcing any household tools, you definitely will not lack glue bottles. This is a tool to help you attach the parts of the device quickly.

However, there are different types of glue for different materials, such as mental glue, glue for glass, glue for wood or glue for plastic. The most common household appliance material is plastic, and the glue for plastic is also the most widely used.

But not every bottle of glue you find on the market is the best plastic glue. It needs to meet some of the following factors in order to become the best:

#1 Material

Plastics have two main types: hard plastic and flexible plastic, so glue for plastic is also classified under these two materials. Some work only with hard plastic and some work only with soft plastic.

However, you can also choose some types of glue that work well on all types of materials so that you can use it with some other surfaces.

#2 Viscosity

The viscosity, or texture of plastic glue, is also an important factor that influences your crafting process. The plastic glue usually has 3 main texture: thin, middle and thick, you can also think of this as the thickness of the glue.

The plastic glue has a thin texture and dries quite quickly, it does not require you to spread the glue on the surface with your hands. However, you will not have much time to adjust before the glue dries.

Medium-strength adhesive is easy to clean when it is not yet dry so that you can create the perfect appearance for the adhesive surface.

As the thick adhesive is suitable for the wide surface to be glued, it also gives you plenty of time to adjust before the glue dries.

#3 Drying time

You should choose an adhesive with moderate drying time, which means it should not be too fast for you to adjust or too long to link the materials together.

The strongest plastic glue should have a drying time of about 10 to 15 seconds so that you have enough time to adjust the surfaces to attach the glue.

Bearded dragons food: What vegetables and fruits do they eat?

Bearded dragon is a reptile with a special diet compared to some other pet slaughterers like crested gecko or leopard gecko.

As a baby, bearded dragons should eat with a 100% protein diet and should not be vegetarian. With this menu, the baby bearded dragon can fully develop.

When the bearded dragon is a little older (from one year of age), its diet will change significantly. Instead of eating 100% protein, bearded dragon should spend 20-80% in the diet for vegetables and fruits.

That’s why bearded dragon vegetables are essential and you should consider a diet that helps prevent bearded dragon from becoming obese.

Some bearded dragon veggies that you should consider include:

#1 Vegetables

You should gradually increase the number of vegetables in the bearded dragon’s diet according to its age. When transitioning from a pure protein diet, bearded dragons may struggle with this new food.

For example, a one-year-old bearded dragon should eat with a diet of 25% green vegetables- 75% protein and a bearded dragon should eat the opposite rate, 75% green vegetables- 25% protein.

The most bearded dragon vegetables are the ones that humans can eat like oak choy, cactus pads, collard greens, turnip greens, swiss chard.

Some vegetables that you should avoid making the best bearded dragons food are avocado, onion, spinach, lettuce.

Vegetables should be chopped to fit the bearded dragon’s tiny blades, making it easier for pets to get food.

#2 Fruits

The fruit is also a great addition to the bearded dragon’s menu. For every 25% of green vegetables in the diet, set aside 5% for fruit.

The fruit is a great source of vitamins and water for bearded dragons but it also contains a lot of sugar, so you should only take a small serving of bearded dragon fruit.

The good fruits for bearded dragon are melons, berries, peaches, grapes and apples. Some fruits that you should avoid are oranges and tangerines.

Because the fruit is quite slippery, you need to dice or fertilize directly for bearded dragon. And remember, do not put this food directly on the substrate, even the best bearded dragon substrate can affect their digest system.

How to choose the best round bottom wok?

The wok is an indispensable kitchen tool for Chinese dishes. Besides, you can make many other dishes with this wok.

Currently, wok is being used and widely known thanks to its durability and outstanding features.

The best round bottom wok is more suitable for gas stoves than for electric stoves because the flame can spread evenly to both sides of the wok. This perfectly fits the characteristics of Chinese cuisine, which requires a great fire to cook.

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However, to choose a round bottom wok, you need to consider some factors to be able to make the most appropriate choice.

Here are some factors that we have summarized:

#1 Size

The diameter of a round bottom wok usually ranges from 8- 79 inches, and you should choose one that is the right size for your family needs.

A small family should use a round bottom wok about 12-14 inches in diameter, don’t buy a big one to avoid unnecessary investment.

If you want to buy a round bottom wok for a commercial kitchen then you should invest in a bigger one.

#2 Material

A round bottom wok can be made from many different materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-stick coatings.

Each material has its own advantages so you should research carefully to choose the right type for you.

These woks made from aluminum are usually light and thin, they can’t retain heat well but are great for storage.

Carbon steel wok is a good choice for you, it’s light enough to have good stability. Moreover it can retain heat well, easy to clean and has a long-life span.

Stainless steel wok does not affect user health and is also extremely durable.

Cast iron is the traditional material of a wok, it holds extremely good heat but is heavy and difficult to clean. Also non-stick coating wok can’t stand the heat but it is great for non-stick food when cooking.

#3 The handle

The wok has two common types of handles: two small handles on either side or a long handle.

The choice between these two types is up to your personal taste, but choose a wok that has a firm handle and can fixed to the wok.

How to choose the best boning knife for chicken?

Not every kitchen needs a boning knife but it is imperative if you want to removing meat from bones.

Unlike the other regular kitchen knives, they are thinner and length about 6-12 cm in general. The main function of this knife is boning and cutting.

Some chefs prefer to use a boning knife to detach bones and skin from chicken meat. Sometimes, it is also useful for filleting fish.

There are many best boning knife reviews on the internet, these knives have different in size, style, brand, quality, function, price and it will take a lot of time to pick the right boning knife for you.

So what you should care about before buying the boning knife for chicken?

#1 Types

There are two kinds of a boning knife is flex boning knife and stiff boning knife.

If you are looking for the best boning knife for chicken, we advise you to choose a flex boning knife. It is better to eradicate bones from poultry or soft meat than the stiff.  It has better control and elasticity. It’s smaller and works perfectly in thin meats and soft bones base on its ability of flexible and elastic.

#2 Size

If you read the best boning knife review, you will know that every size of boning knife provides only one purpose. That means, there is no one-size-knife can use perfectly for different kinds of food, receipt, etc.

Generally, the blade of a boning knife has a size of 5-7 inches. The smaller the blades get, the more flexibility it brings. But you will need to use a large blade sometime. It’s a good idea to have both of them in your kitchen.

#3 Material

The material is also an important part to consider. Luckily, most boning knives available are made of high carbon, tempered, and stainless steel which are use-friendly and no harm to your health.

High carbon material provides a lightweight product. Meanwhile, cold steel is durable than others, and stainless steel is common and easy to buy at any store.