Autogrow Systems Review – Best Automated Hydroponic Systems for Indoor Growers

Science and technology are developing day by day, so the automated hydroponic system is one of the remarkable new improvements. This automated system caters to the growing needs of growers. Automated hydroponic farming promises to bring more benefits than growing cannabis at home for growers without much growing experience.

Understanding that, Autogrow Systems – a company specializing in providing equipment for automatic cultivation in grow rooms as well as greenhouses. The company has a good reputation and growers from all over the world can easily purchase the products that Autogrow Systems offers on their website.

We highly recommend beginner growers and growers struggling to control their large greenhouses using Autogrow Systems’ automated growing equipment.

What is Autogrow Systems?

Autogrow Systems was founded by a group of dedicated horticulture software designers, engineers and technologists since 1994. They share a vision of creating the best control systems on the planet. world at prices that growers can afford.

The motto of Autogrow Systems is everything towards growers. During their more than 20 years in the industry, Autogrow Systems ensures that everything they do is tailored to their needs and supports what growers need for their crops. And during that time, the relationship between Autogrow and growers has been closely formed.

Autogrow Systems is well known as one of the pioneers in automation technology. They have everything to suit from a grow room to larger scale greenhouses. These devices can both be a great help for beginner growers to reduce the risks associated with growing, and help professional growers manage greenhouses more easily.

The company has a research center in New Zealand, and they have offices in the US. During its operation, the company has supported a diverse community and built a worldwide network of potential customers. They own a list of resellers from 24 countries around the world.

Top Products of Autogrow Systems

#1 MultiGrow

MultiGrow is a device that helps growers control the growing temperature automatically and safely. The device is a modular system that can control the climate of up to 8 growing zones.

Growers can also be used in warehouses and other management functions. MultiGrow can handle other issues such as fertilizing, hydroponic dosing and environmental monitoring.

Growers is fully customizable to MultiGrow and you can also change the configuration according to the needs of different cannabis strains.

#2 IntelliClimate

IntelliClimate is a device that intelligently controls climate-related issues, beyond temperature. This device will manage and maintain the most perfect growing environment for your cannabis plants. It will allow growers to adjust and maintain the right temperature, CO2 content, light and humidity for their plants.

#3 IntelliDose

IntelliDose is a smart device that automatically manages the ideal pH and nutrient levels for plants. This device is set to the industry standard for automated nutrient dosing.

With this setup, growers can dose up to 9 parts of the mix, which includes nutrients, additives, and pH regulators. Meanwhile, your previous ED and pH settings can still be maintained. This convenience will help your crops achieve better and more uniform results.

#4 pH Mini Kit

pH is so important in hydroponics, it seems to determine if your plants can survive healthy or not. The pH Mini Kit is a single function controller that allows growers to control the pH of their crops.

This instrument serves as a fully functional dosing system, managing fluctuations in pH, as well as increasing or decreasing pH level. It will help growers minimize the complicated adjustments related to pH that not all growers can do.

#5 Autogrow EnviroSensor with CO2

This Autogrow EnviroSensor will help accurately track climate changes in the area where your crops are grown. This device can help growers manage their grow room, or greenhouse more easily. It can sense even the smallest climate changes, which humans cannot perceive.

This sensor will monitor and report back even the smallest changes related to humidity, temperature, CO2 content or light. From there, growers can make timely adjustments to avoid affecting their crops.

What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Hydroponic Cannabis Growing?

Automated hydroponic cannabis growing systems are a useful solution for busy growers, or growers who do not have much practical experience. Although growers are away all day, they can still take care of their crops by remote control.

In addition, automatic hydroponic cannabis cultivation is quite suitable for growers with little free time and limited space to grow. It is also the ideal choice for commercial growers who need a stable management of their large-scale greenhouse.

These smart devices can replace manual human labor, and it is essential in today’s life. You pay in exchange for technology and that technology is used to serve you. Automated hydroponic growing of cannabis promises to bring many revenue benefits to both recreational and commercial growers.